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Bike carrier for gondola's inside

  • easy to use
  • foldable
  • from 20" to 29"

The product’s assets

  • Usable in all indoor spaces: gondolas, cable cars, trains, funiculars, etc…
  • No carrying at loading and unloading
  • For the bikes from 20 to 29 inches

Competitive concept

  • Optimized price for each project
  • Scalable investment
  • Sale, rental for events, rental with « buying option »

Secure concept

  • Easy and efficient hanging by push
  • No risk of accidental stall
  • No contact between the bike and the windows and seats: the cabin stays intact


  • Foldable system which allows to recover the whole space for the pedestrians
  • Unique system for all sizes of cabins with standing places

Technical data:

  • Weight 10.50 kg
  • Width 28 cm
  • Minimum height 190 cm
  • Maximum height 210 cm
  • Material : Aluminium + steel
  • IGUS articulation guaranteed for life

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